Developed by the HKDI Design Thinking Team, the HKDI Design Thinking Toolkit is a primer for people from all disciplines to get familiar with design thinking as a process for user-centred innovation. The toolkit consists of a workbook, worksheets and a stack of inspiration cards.

The workbook gives an overview of the context and mindset for design thinking, a model we call ‘E5 actions’ – Engage, Envision, Experiment, Evaluate, Enable – that prompts you through the design thinking process, as well as six case studies of real-world projects that made use of design thinking.

A set of nine worksheets that can be used for facilitating collaborative work.

A stack of inspiration cards that help you shift perspectives, get unstuck and to move fluidly through the design process.



1 Design thinking primer
  • Do you think like a designer?
  • There’s a story behind every design
  • Interviews: why and how?
  • Object, experience, system
2 Design thinking model
  • Engage: get people involved
  • Envision: get dreaming
  • Experiment: get your hands dirty
  • Evaluate: get critical and gather feedback
  • Enable: get down to business
3 Design thinking stories
  • Mirror Card
  • Tri Cane
  • Eatwell
  • Farm66
  • Leveraged Freedom Chair
  • Prototyping in action
4 Tools
  • AEIOU Scan
  • UX Map
  • Interview
  • SPEC Storytelling
  • Vision Statement
  • Ideation Matrix
  • Priority Matrix
  • Pitching Poster
  • Traffic Lights Feedback



This toolkit is used for our professional training courses in design thinking. If you would like more information about this toolkit, please get in touch by contacting