Global Design Camp: collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University

Global Design Camp, 10–25 July 2019

HKDI joined hands with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) on an international collaborative student programme known as Global Design Camp, organised by the Design Council of UK as a programme under its Design Academy. In this programme, students have been guided to move beyond challenging the brief and into the development of their ideas. Based on the theme of ‘The Ideal City’, students of MMU and HKDI applied Design Thinking methodology to tackle issues with global resonance, around the scopes of Health, Place, Food, Work and Networks, and co-create innovative solutions, under the coaching of Jonathan Ball, UK product designer. 

It was a fruitful experience for participating students in terms of collaboration across design disciplines and cultural backgrounds, and the application of Design Thinking methodology to generate innovative ideas in a very structured and interactive way, and to approach problems from the users’ point of view. The project outcomes will be exhibited in Design Manchester in November and Hong Kong DesignInspire Expo in December 2019.

Project Showcase at Design Manchester 2019 (click here)

Article by the Design Council