HKDI inspire*
Design Thinking for Well-being 2020

Master lecture series

Understanding the role and value of design for human well-being is crucial for us to adapt to unpredictable changes of the times; not only to remain relevant but also to contribute to a better society. The programme will explore the significance of people-centric thinking as the key to unlock future horizons, and ways to break the boundaries among products, services, systems and processes, converging into integrated solutions. 

As a leading Design education provider, HKDI advocates the application of Design Thinking across disciplines as a problem-solving soft skill, and the role and value of Design in enhancing human well-being. Riding on previous success of the two series of HKDI inspire* Design Thinking lectures and workshops in 2018 and 2019, also in alignment with HKDI’s latest academic focus on Design for Well-being, this year we delve deep into the people-centric aspect of Design Thinking – innovation to improve the human state of being comfortable, healthy and happy in a multidimensional manner.


Day 1 · 3 November 2020 (Tuesday)

Day 2 · 4 November 2020 (Wednesday)

Day 3 · 5 November 2020 (Thursday)

Day 4 · 6 November 2020 (Friday)

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