Day 3 · 5 November 2020

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A Slap in the Face: Shaping Presents through Design

Dr Laura Clèries
Director of ELISAVA Research
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Online | 16:30 HKT | 08:30 GMT | 04:30 EDT | 12:30 PDT

Design captures the latent signals of future industrial, anthropological and sociocultural transformations. This inspirational talk will review design projects that exemplify the megatrends that are going to generate our alternative presents.

Creativity in Context: The Role of Design Schools

Dr Albert Fuster
Academic Director, ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Online | 16:50 HKT| 08:50 GMT | 04:50 EDT | 12:50 PDT

To face current emerging challenges leads schools to no longer be passive institutions, but rather active agents in societies. An initial reflection on the role of schools will lead to relevant examples that promote meaningful and impactful interactions between schools, people and environments.

Design Does. Not an Exhibition but an Act

Mr Pau Garcia
Co-founder, Domestic Data Streamers

Online | 17:15 HKT | 09:15 GMT | 05:15 EDT | 13:15 PDT

We will explore how Design Does exhibition has been created not as an exhibition but as a city laboratory, a space of dialogue instead of monologues, an ongoing conversation made physical about what this discipline is doing today and the impact it can have over all of us.

Panel Discussion (Live)
Design Does: Visions on the Role of Design

Online | 17:40 HKT | 09:40 GMT | 05:40 EDT | 13:40 PDT

Panel Members
Dr Laura Cleries
Dr Albert Fuster
Mr Pau Garcia
Mr Terence Wong (Head of Digital Media, Hong Kong Design Institute)

Mr Keith Tam
Head of Communication Design, Hong Kong Design Institute