Day 2 · 4 November 2020

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Human Centred Design Masterclass

Mr Richard Hall
Managing Director, Pd-M International Ltd

Online | 16:30 HKT | 08:30 GMT | 04:30 EDT | 12:30 PDT

How do you ensure a product is fit-for-purpose and has high efficacy to the user? Following the theme of wellbeing in the context of design, Richard will discuss the strategies to adopt when considering human centred design. He will also provide a case study of a medical device case study. The keynote will be of interest to designers, academics, engineers, health economists and biomedical experts.

The Concept and Design of a Sustainable Ageing Community

Mr Lawrence Lui
Co-Founder, Longevity Design House

Online | 17:00 HKT | 09:00 GMT | 05:00 EDT | 13:00 PDT

As a social enterprise dedicated to providing interior design solutions for the elderly and people with physical disabilities, Longevity House Design (LDH) focuses on cross-sector collaboration to continually enhance its service scope for its target group, also to embark on new projects under covid-19. This lecture will share LDH’s real cases to address several key issues, namely how the practitioner can identify the service gap of the ageing at home market and develop minimum viable service, how to work with start-up and local manufactory brands for building the eco-system, and how to create social impact through the social enterprise model and amid the backdrop of the new normal economy.

HKDI sharing
Design for Well-being and Organisational Change for Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Mr Edwin Wong
Lecturer in Communication Design
Lead Facilitator, HKDI Design Thinking Team
Hong Kong Design Institute

Online | 17:30 HKT | 09:30 GMT | 05:30 EDT | 13:30 PDT

Panel Discussion (Live)

Online | 17:45 HKT | 09:45 GMT | 05:45 EDT | 13:45 PDT

Panel Members
Mr Richard Hall
Mr Lawrence Lui
Ms Angelique Tam (Executive Director, Society of the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers, SARDA)

Mr Edwin Wong