Day 1 · 3 November 2020

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Harnessing Human Experience for Healthy Ageing

Professor Lynne Corner
Director of Engagement / Director of VOICE
National Innovation Centre for Ageing, Newcastle University

Online | 16:30 HKT | 08:30 GMT | 04:30 EDT | 12:30 PDT

By 2050, many regions and cities will have undergone profound demographic transitions and transformations with more older than younger people, offering both opportunities and challenges, and a renewed global interest in wellbeing economies. The UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) co-designs and co-develops products and services with consumers and business partners to support healthy ageing. NICA’s unique branded approach – Ageing Intelligence™ – combines the latest in artificial intelligence and big data, with human experience harnessed through VOICE. VOICE is an international organisation established to harness public insights, to illustrate real people’s needs in real circumstances and understand what is important to their wellbeing, now and in the future. The ultimate goal is to ensure healthy ageing as part of a healthy economy and society, to ensure people across our planet can make the most often incredible extension in life expectancy and live healthier, longer lives.

Design by People, for People

Dr Yanki Lee
Co-Founder, Enable Foundation

Online | 17:00 HKT | 09:00 GMT | 05:00 EDT | 13:00 PDT

‘Design for Our Future Selves’ was the action statement advocated by Professor Roger Coleman since the beginning of 1990s for the design reform response to political changes on social inclusion in the UK. Worked with Prof Coleman since 2000, Dr Lee elaborates this statement into designerly way of thinking and doing which encourages designers to immerse ourselves in the living reality of others, i.e. not just design with the others but design as the others. With her collective, Enable Foundation, they always start each project as a design research process to investigate critical social issues and map out the ingenious everyday innovation by people, i.e. design by people. This enables the team to develop frameworks to involve citizens for effective co-creation to design for our future selves.

HKDI sharing
Design for Well-being as an Academic Direction 

Mr Michael Chan
Head of Academic Development and Director, HKDI Design Thinking Team
Hong Kong Design Institute

Online | 17:30 HKT | 09:30 GMT | 05:30 EDT | 13:30 PDT

Panel Discussion (Live)

Online | 17:45 HKT | 09:45 GMT | 05:45 EDT | 13:45 PDT

Panel Members
Professor Lynne Corner
Dr Yanki Lee

Mr Michael Chan