HKDI professional certificate programmes in design thinking

Design thinking is increasingly adopted in different industry sectors to promote value-adding and interdisciplinary collaboration. It has also become one of the key learning skills in higher education programmes around the world, not confined to design professionals but in other disciplines as well. In response to the needs from the industry and the society at large, Hong Kong Design Institute’s Professional certificate programmes in design thinking programmes are designed to equip people to generate innovative solutions and also knowing how to implement it.

Professional certificate programmes in design thinking

The programmes are designed to meet the industries’ needs by adopting a think-and-do approach to equip those who are highly interested in user-centred problem solving methodology in planning achievable and sustainable initiatives especially in service, education, and user experience innovation projects.  These programmes will empower participants to master the innovative process to generate solutions for the needs and can also equip participants with the competences of user research, collaboration, divergent thinking, problem solving, project design, and innovation.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the professional certificate programme in design thinking, learners are expected to be able to:

  1. describe the design thinking and user-centric innovation process;
  2. identify users’ and stakeholders’ needs through variety of user research methods;
  3. redefine a problem and generate creative and actionable insights; and
  4. apply an iterative process in generating design prototypes and evaluation of the viability of possible solutions.

More information will be available here soon