Design thinking in action: train-the-trainer workshop for PMQ

PMQ train-the trainer workshop, June 2020

It’s all about Empathy.

HKDI delivered a design thinking training workshop for PMQ. 30+ participants composed of design professionals, architects, IT experts, performing artists and primary school teachers were recruited to work as teaching teams for the ‘PMQ Seed – To Open Minds’ programme. They are scheduled to run a series of programmes and activities for primary students this year. Our 18-hour training workshop introduced and explored HKDI’s E5 design thinking actions to participants that aimed to help them develop and run the programme, focussing on design thinking with Empathy as the theme.

HKDI’s E5 actions, namely Engage, Envision, Experiment, Evaluate and Enable, is a design thinking model developed by the HKDI Design Thinking Team. The workshop was built around the driving question: ‘How might we design a learning experience for a visually impaired primary school student?’. The HKDI Design Thinking Toolkit was used in the workshop for the first time, and in the process the team facilitated the participants to explore both divergent and convergent actions for user-centred innovation. Participants of different backgrounds were purposely grouped into T-shape teams to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. The diversity contributed to a wide variety of solutions and possibilities.

Participants were highly engaged in the action-based activities. With the lead user interviews and co-creation exercises, participants were able to empathise with the target users and understand their needs and expectations, and everyone was able to contribute to the project development. The workshop outcomes were fruitful and the participants could demonstrate successfully how to embed design thinking methodologies into their own programmes planning. We take this opportunity to wish PMQ’s ‘Seed – To Open Minds’ programme every success.